Interdental hygiene

The interdental spaces are the spaces between tooth, tooth and gingiva and form about 40% of the dental surface.
Since it is difficult to access the interdental area, the daily use of the toothbrush is often not sufficient to sufficiently clean this part of the mouth; it is for this reason that about 80% of the problems of caries and gingival disorders are born from the interdental spaces.
The most used tools for interdental hygiene are toothpicks, dental floss, interdental hairpins and interdental brushes.
The toothpick is not recommended for dentists and dental hygienists as it can lead to dental and gum problems, but dental floss is often inconvenient to use.

For this reason we have created the PikDent line, a selection of the best interdental hygiene instruments that are comfortable, effective and suitable for any need!


PikDent:as comfortable as a toothpick, more effective than dental floss.