About us

The FIMO, Italian Dental Factory and Dental Technician was founded in 1927 by Commendatore al Lavoro Augusto Libè, maternal grandfather of the current Sole Director Giorgio Di Grazia.

FIMO initially manufactured the material necessary for the realization of dental studies, from the operating chair to the specialized instrumentation with the relative consumables.
Over time it became the first Italian factory in the sector, becoming an official supplier of the Ministry of the Navy, the Ministry of Aeronautics and the Ministry of the Interior.


Since 1987 FIMO has extended its field of action to the pharmaceutical sector with four lines of products dedicated exclusively to sales in pharmacies.

This is how the ‘Dental Emergency Intervention’ line, that of ‘Teeth Whitening’, that of ‘Oral Hygiene’ and that of ‘Stickers for Dental Prosthetics’ were born’.


The Dental Emergency Response is the leading line of its sector in Italian pharmacies. It’s composed by:

PONTEFIX® (Kit to fix dental capsules and bridges)

PROTESAN® (Kit for repairing dental prostheses)

NOCAVITY® (Kit for dental fillings)

The products of the dental emergency department are all designed to be easy to use, provisional and not to complicate the subsequent intervention of the dentist.

The Whitening for Teeth line is definitely the most complete range of specific products in Europe, relying on:

Clinodent Antiplacca® (Electric product with mechanical action)

Clinodent Stick® (Manual product with mechanical action)

Splendident Daily® (Product that combines mechanical and chemical action)


The innovative spirit of the company is renewed with SPAIK IL PULISCILINGUA®, the first all-Italian pulpwash.

In 2008, after many years of experience and documentation in the field of dental prosthesis adhesives, FIMO commercialized the GRIPDENT FORTE® , adhesive paste for optimal sealing and durability dentures.

In recent years, FIMO has entered other European markets such as the English, Spanish and Portuguese markets with excellent sales results.


In 1998 FIMO certified its Quality System according to ISO 9002 and EN 46002 standards.
Adapting its production standards to the requirements of Directive 93/42 / EEC.
As notified by the Istituto Superiore della Sanità for the devices and brands listed above.

“Continuity is in change, constantly changing the mind.”