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Chlorhexidine is the antiseptic and antibacterial molecule of choice for mouth disinfection. </ h4>
It is in fact widely used as an adjuvant in the treatment of gum problems and in the prevention of dental infections before and after dental procedures (tooth extraction, etc).

The lower concentrations of Chlorhexine are also used for the treatment of halitosis and for maintaining the good state of the mouth of dental prostheses and dentures.

The Chlorhexidine </ strong> in addition to the antibacterial action, is also very effective in destroying plaque, making it the perfect molecule for the oral cavity.

Negative aspects of Chlorhexidine are that, usually, it gives the products that contain it a bad taste and, if used for long periods, can color the residues of bacterial plaque and tartar yellow / brown, making necessary professional detarcation after treatment.

Fimodent, the FIMO chlorhexidine mouthwash, has an innovative formula that contains the answers to both the problems of normal chlorhexidine mouthwashes:

  • Quantity and quality of aromas that fully mask the bad taste of chlorhexidine, making the taste of mouthwash very pleasant . </ Li>
  • SPDD : Dental Discromie Protection System, a mix of components that act synergistically to inhibit the appearance of chlorhexidine dental pigmentation.

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