Kit Puliscilingua e Denti

TONGUE AND TEETH CLEANING KIT, The tongue cleaner that reduces and prevents the bad breath:

◦ Toothbrush: high quality medium-bristles, with rounded tips for a more gentle action on your gums. Round head to have a more comfortable and easier access to all teeth and a stronger anti-plate action.
◦ Tongue cleaner: unique and efficient design, planned to remove more efficiently the plate and the food leftovers, which cause the bad breath.
◦ Toothpaste gel: special, you can use it with the toothbrush or apply it directly on the tongue to have a always fresh breath. It contains essential bio oils of Cardamom, Eucalyptol, Tea Tree and Fennel, which are perfect to refresh the breath.

€ 9,90

TONGUE AND TEETH CLEANING KIT To prevent and reduce bad breath.

Codice Paraf: A927248486 Codice EAN: 8028518000925