Clinodent TRAVEL

SPAZZOLINO ClinoDENT Travel Oral and Breath Care Foldable Toothbrush.

High quality Tynex Bristles, with rounded medium bristles for a gentle action on gums.
Rounded head for a comfortable and easy access to every teeth.

GEL ToothPaste ClinoDent Safe Breath
Special Gel ToothPaste, studied to be used on the toothbrush on to be applied on the mouth directly.

PikDent Lo Stuzzicolino
5 Interdental Brushes.
Little dimensions (0,4mm) in a practical travel bag.

Toothpaste gel for Toothbrush&Tongue
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€ 6,90

CLINODENT TRAVEL Travel Oral and Breath Care – for use daily.

Codice Paraf: A933942981 Codice EAN: 8028518000901