Safe breath


Bad breath, or halitosis, is a very common problem that is often associated with the intake of aromatic or particularly fat and difficult to digest foods.
This is partly true, however the persistent condition of bad breath is due to different factors and is manifested even when you are away from these foods.
In fact the cause of the bad smell are the VSCs, Volatile Sulfur Compounds (Volatile Sulphate Compounds), bad smell gas produced by specific anaerobic bacteria of the oral cavity while decompose by oxidation the protein part of food residues, mucus and biological fluids.

There are specific diseases that lead to bad breath, such as rino-pharyngeal infections, gastric, hepatic and renal diseases; however it is good to consider that the majority of episodes of persistent bad breath originate from local problems or that however can be solved by measures at the level of the oral cavity

The most effective approaches to the problems of bad breath are many.

• Toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash without alcohol three times a day
• Make sure you drink enough water
• Mechanical tongue cleaning by using a tongue cleaner that removes both bacterial plaque and biological residues from the tongue.
• Local use of antibacterial substances that decrease the concentration of bacteria responsible for the creation of VSCs.
• Use of local antioxidants that ‘weaken’ the smell of VSCs.
• Use of substances that increase salivation
• Use of aromatic substances that ‘cover’ bad breath

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